Workshop on Thin Film Metrology – WISE 2000

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, May 8-9, 2000

Attendee List and E-Mail Addresses

Presentation Title


Tutorial: Thin Film Characterization by SE and Modeling
Techniques (240 KB)

G.E. Jellison

Investigation of Ideal Atomically Flat Silicon Crystals: Revisions of Optical
Constants (scanned, 7.0 MB)

P. Hess

Modeling the
Optical Constants of Diamond-and Zincblende-type Semiconductors: Discrete and
Continuum Exciton Effects at E
0 and E1

F. H. Pollak

techniques applied to metrology (516 KB)

J. Bao

Spectroscopic Ellipsometric
Measurement of SiGe Film Stacks (work-in-progress talk, not posted)

C. Hayzelden

Application of Real
Time Stokes Vector Spectroscopy for Characterization of Inhomogeneous Thin
Film Growth

P. Rovira

Phase Modulated Ellipsometry with Digital Signal Processing

J. Blanco

Multichannel Muller
Matrix Ellipsometer for Real Time Spectroscopy (1.5-5.3eV) of Anisotropic
Film Growth

J. Lee

Integrated Metrology: review of applications

J-L Stehle

of Thin Film Characterization:Semiconductor and related industries

T. Ogawa

Characterization of Thin Gate Dielectrics

A. Diebold

Characterization of Porous Dielectric Films (589 KB)

J. N. Cox

Characterization of Photoresist and ARC (389 KB)

P. Schiavone

Characterization of Si:Ge Materials and Layers (834 KB)

C. Pickering

Characterization of SOI (scanned, 7.0 MB)

H. Hovel

DUV (150-350nm) characterization of Materials (582 KB)

P. Boher

In Situ Measurements of Patterned Structures (1.49 MB, viegraphs only)

RCWA Topography Extraction Movie (QuickTime)

F.L. Terry

Broad Spectral
Range (1.5 to 6.5eV) Multichannel Ellipsometry for Real Time Characterization
of Wide Band Gap Thin Film Growth

J. A. Zapien

In Situ Spectral Transmission Measurements of Thin Films
(354 KB)

L. Kamlet

In Situ Monitoring Techniques for MBE

R. Clarke