For Students under the new program (2006), EECS 401 is required. Math 425 is not an option.

for all EE students:

  • You can receive only 4 credit hours of undergraduate probability toward your technical program requirements.
  • For students in the 2005 or early programs, you may either EECS 401 or Math 425 to satisfy the program requirement in probability. If you take Math 425, required credits shift between the ULEE and FTE requirements (see program details).
  • For students starting in the 2006 program, EECS 401 will be required (Math 425 will not be an option).
  •  IOE 265 is useful only for those students in a dual EE/IOE degree program. Otherwise, it counts only as unrestricted elective credit.
  •  If you take additional undergraduate probability classes, the additional classes will count only as unrestricted (free) electives. For example, if you take both EECS 401 & Math 425, the Math 425 credits will be counted as free electives not FTE. You cannot count Math 425 toward the program probability requirement and then count EECS 401 as an ULEE.
  • Graduate probability classes can be counted as FTE’s (Math 525) or ULEE (EECS 501).