Pathways to your Major Design Experience (MDE)

Fred Terry
September 3, 2007

In planning your B.S.E.E. program, you should keep in mind many things (program requirements, obtaining a firm yet broad education for life-long learning, etc.). One major thing you should keep in mind is getting to your MDE class. MDEs always have at least one significant prerequisite class and therefore can have strong effect on your schedule plans. In a sense, an MDE looks a multi-course coupled system. It may be necessary to target more than a year in advance for a particular MDE. Of course, you can alter your plans, but keeping your goals in mind will minimize chances for disappointment.

Note: EECS 311&312 can now be taken before EECS 320. However, the circuits faculty feel that understanding of the physics of operation of transistors makes you a better designer. In all of the plans below, I show 320 being taken before 311 or 312. You make take them in either order or currently. EECS 312 is currently offered both Fall and Winter semesters. EECS 311 is now offered Winter-only but due to high student demand has been offered both semesters also (the fall offering is now not guaranteed).

Your choice of MDE will usually determine many of your Core Electives and Upper Level EECS electives.

Current EE MDE classes:

  • 411 Microwave Circuits I
  • 413 Monolithic Amplifier Circuits
  • 425 Integrated Microsystems Laboratory
  • 427 VLSI Design I
  • 430 Radiowave Propogation and Link Design
  • 438 Advanced Lasers and Optics Laboratory
  • 452 Digital Signal Processing Design Laboratory
  • 470 Computer Architecture

Path to 411. Taking 311 before 411 is recommended but is not a requirement.

Path to 413

Path to 425

Path to 427

Path to 430

Path to 438

Path to 452

Path to 470